Announcing OSA Con: The Open Source Analytics Conference

2 min readAug 30, 2021


Announcing OSA Con: The Open Source Analytics Conference

Altinity is excited to announce OSA Con, a new conference on open source analytics. We will bring together developers of open source analytic projects with developers who use open source in analytic applications. OSA Con will take place online on November 2nd, 2021. It’s free. Here are a few of the topics OSA Con will cover:

  • Implementing SaaS analytics for CDN management, real-time marketing, and other use cases
  • Using low latency data warehouses to drive real-time app response to evolving business conditions
  • Scaling analytic apps to millions of events per second without complex pipelines
  • Imaginative low-code/no-code data visualization
  • Exploiting improvements in database features such as query vectorization and JIT compilation

There is constant innovation within open source analytics. We experience this every day with ClickHouse and its rapidly growing community. We believe it’s possible to advance even faster by promoting synergy across all open source projects and their users. Thus OSA Con.

Every new endeavor has roots in the past. We are inspired by current and past conferences like Percona Live (open source OLTP databases) and Ricon (distributed systems). We, too seek to offer practical guidance to anyone who contributes to open source projects or builds analytic apps on them. In a word: developers.

We therefore invite everyone interested in open source analytics to join us at OSA Con on November 2nd. You can help the effort in three ways.

  • Submit talks. The call for proposals is open. We’re looking for insightful, technical talks on open source analytic projects as well as applications based on them. We’ll be selecting talks as they come in with the final cutoff on September 30th. There’s limited space, so get your proposal in now.
  • Attend. Conference signup will open in September. You can register for notifications here. We’ll let you know as soon as attendee signup is open.
  • Help us spread the word. It’s a new conference. Tell your friends. Reach out to your communities. Contact us at to find out how to help further. We welcome your assistance.

We’ve been impressed by the enthusiastic response to the idea of OSA Con within the ClickHouse community as well others. We’ll be reaching out to more communities in short order. You’ll hear from us regularly as we build the schedule for the conference, both on this blog as well as through emails and social media posts. Watch the conference page for complete details.

Open source is all about collectively building new value for the benefit of users. Please join us to create the next great conference for analytic developers. We look forward to hearing from you!

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